mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

A Series of Questions Part 7: "Why?" On Evil

A Series of Questions Part 7: "Why?" On Evil


Why do innocents have to die when they don’t fight?

Why do the other people who do the damage not have to face the torment of hindsight?

Why must a city tied to love and beauty be damaged?

Why do some people find Divinity amidst the carnage?

Why is perfect and precious life that’s a gift

Seen as the thing that must be taken to get some spiritual lift?

Why do we long for warriors to defend

When all that leads to is more bloodshed and no feasible end?

But why has no solution been formed?

And why has back and forth brutality become the accepted norm?

Why does peace, as much as we hope for it

Seem as distant as the loved ones we’ve lost from the disruption of it?

Why do concerts, bars, and soccer games play host

To the haunting scene to the passing of those we love most?

Why is atrocity, brutality, carelessness seem

The way that some people prefer to lean?


Why is it easy to accept these realities but hard to doubt

A world where concert goers and pedestrians aren’t involved in some suicide bout?

Why does Trump respond with “we need more guns”

And why does the crowd listening cheer to the call of more of the weapons they find so fun?

Why can’t they all instead be moved to tears?

And why can’t there be some resolve amidst this mess?

Why can’t we find some new way to address

All the innocent bloodshed we’ve faced?

And why can’t hate and animosity be replaced?

Why can’t a hope for tomorrow begin to happen today?

And why does tranquility and harmony always seem so far away?

Why do Beirut and all the others go unnoticed?

And why is that question where some people put all their focus?

Why can’t a call to arms be a call to arms locking

Instead of a call to weaponry and brutality non-stopping?

Why are news feeds and news channels focused on the fear?

Why can’t love and hope instead be something that’s near?

Why can I sit in a bakery and type this

When a bakery could be the same place someones last breath is?


Why is it the same vicious cycle again and again?

Why won’t this story finally reach some end?

Why can’t that cohesion that all the sacred texts supposedly speak

Not be something so far out of reach?

And why do vests loaded with TNT

Resonate with some far more than the hope of unity?

And why do tears have to fall of faces of mothers and fathers

As they learn that a concert was the last moment for their son or daughter?

Why does fear, harm, and hurt currently have the lead on the scoreboard

When I thought it was love that was supposed to win?

Why do we ask to pray for the help from above

When differing theology is what has led to push becoming shove?

Yet at the same time why do we so often disregard love?

The one thing that can lift us up?



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