Jamba Juice, Seasons, and Happiness

My first post on this blog was a bit of a downer. In order to remain consistent with the content of that blog, I won’t try and argue against my points, but I will say that there is a reason for the negative perception. To recognize the darkness in life allows you to begin reform your reality into something better and more beautiful. It’s the days of rain that fuel the colors of the flowers and it’s the sad song that allows the happy one to be received authentically. 

To properly encounter beautiful realities we first need to recognize the crappy ones. Otherwise happiness becomes nothing but a blanket emotion lacking any clear definition of legitimate conviction. Everyone knows that person who always seems to be happy. It’s because they always seem to be that way that you know that they aren’t really happy all the time but are probably just putting on a front to avoid the reality of something sad they don’t wish to address. The realness of emotion is only encountered when linked to a full scope of emotion. 

Spring came early in Spokane, but there have been quite a few dark and gloomy days the past few weeks. Today, however, is incredibly sunny and in the 70’s. It’s beautiful. I’m sitting outside writing this barefoot. Because of this, I have turned on happy music and bought a smoothie from Jamba Juice. If I were try and do these things on the dark and gloomy days, what do I have left to enjoy on the days that are actually worth enjoying? Happiness is the recognition of depressing days, dealing with those depressing days, but allowing yourself to transcend the depressing stuff on the days that are beautiful and situations that are beautiful. 

All of nature agrees with this. Look around. Flowers aren’t trying to convince themselves they can bloom during January. Life knows when to thrive and when to be dormant for awhile. Have you ever noticed how people’s personalities directly correspond with their favorite seasons? There’s a little of each season in all of us, but if we are to let life run it’s full scope and thrive at its best, we must experience all four. 

It’s Spring. So embrace that reality. Don’t skip over the dark days, even Spring needs a little rain to sustain the life it’s yielding. But at the same time, don’t try to force rain when it doesn’t need to be there. Some days deserve Mowgli’s music and Jamba Juice.  

Below is quite possibly the best Spring/Summer song ever created...