mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

Drew Carey's Prime

I was at the DOL the other day standing in line with my wife Emily. She was getting a new license because of her choice to take my last name. In front of us there was a student from Whitworth that I recognized. He still went to the school. The other day I saw via Facebook that he had just been on The Price is Right and won a new car. 

"You here to update you license for that new ride," I asked breaking the awkward stiff silence of the place. He laughed and said yes and filled Emily and I in on the details.  

The conversation continued. Ranging from how school was to how our post grad life was going. But for some reason,the piece of the conversation that stuck in my mind most was our talking points on Drew Carey. Who, according to this primary source, wasn't all that friendly. 

"Bob Barker was way better," he put it pointedly.  

Drew's prime, we agreed, was on Whose Line is it Anyway.  

The fact that two people had a conversation about when Drew Carey's prime was in a department of licensing building is proof of the overabumdnace of conversation waiting to happen when we open our mouthes. Us humans have the ability to talk about ANYTHING.

And yet day after day I spend most of my time in public places in a state of quiet.

In my own mind.  

With my own worries.

And my own thoughts.

Fairly frequently in life, there's a lot of room for things said that remain silent. And in those silent moments are doorways to connection and life. And who knows where those conversations may go. It could be to the land of Drew Carey's prime, or any other random place.

But anything is better than the silence of the DOL. 

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