mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

Water Bottle Caps

If you know me you probably know about my obsessive water drinking tendency. I drink water all the time. I carry around my hydroflask like a toddler carries around their safety blanket. When I leave the apartment, I have to remind myself to grab my keys, wallet, and water bottle. It's an essential daily device for me. 

However until recently, my hydroflask and I weren't on the best of terms. I have a bottle with a straw attachment. Every time I'd go to take a sip, I'd slurp up close to 75% air, 25% water. The water was still good. The bottle was still good. But the entry point to access of the water in the bottle had something wrong with it. This 75/25 split led to increased belching, loud slurping in quiet places, and an overall heir of annoyance. 

So I bought a new lid and straw. And all is fine.  

Creativity can be remarkably similar to this water bottle dilemma. If your access point is broken, likely the whole process can become out of whack. The common process of coffee shop writing, which historically may have been the muse needed to spark creative flow past, may no longer work. And you can go on doing the same thing, like I did with my water bottle cap, for a good long while. But the problem is likely to remain. 

Sometimes we need a new access point.

A walk before we write.

A conversation before we create. A place of quiet before we paint. If it's anything like buying a new lid for a hydroflask, the result will end in a much crisper and more direct access to the creative waters within you.

Because they're still there. They just need a new way of coming forth.  

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