mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

What we hold onto

Everyday we hit a physical reset button in a way. We go to sleep. Change out clothes. Brush our teeth. And start anew. Bout into our human rythymn is a cycle built on the premise of a restart. 

But emotionally this isn't really the way it works. Emotionally we wake up and can still feel resentment. Still feel anger. Still feel hurt. And this doesn't just last for days at a time like old clothes might on a trip where you didn't pack enough. These things can last for weeks or months or years or lifetimes. Because our emotion sticks to us far more than the physical side of things. 

But it is also this propensity for emotion to hold onto us that allows us to wake up each morning still in love with those we loved the day before. Still in wonder about the reality of existence. Still hopeful because of events that have been mounting in our lives. We hold onto as many hopeful emotions and painful and resentful ones. We just largely don't see them consciously.

The beauties of life can often be left hidden in the depths of our mind, the pains we carry. But both are walking side by side with us. 

the gift of paths

Some thanks to give