mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

Plates vs. Bowls

My mom put food on plates. My wife and I have begun to put food in bowls. This distinction is probably credit to nothing more than millennial carelessness, but I’ll read into it. Naturally. 

A plate is a canvas comprised of separate types of food. Crossover is possible - but not the intent.

Bowls are a dance party of ingredients. Each ingredient rubs shoulders with other ingredients, whether they like it or not. And also whether the one eating likes it or not. 

If there were potatoes, some form of meat, and a veggie on the plate growing up, I’d likely pursue the potato and meat - not so much the veggie. But you throw that all in a bowl? There’s no other option. These ingredients aren’t independent identities. They’re a collective unit. You have to eat at least some of them all  

Which is a lot like close mindedness and open mindedness. We can either -

chose to take on new ideas and ways of thinking. Mix them into the ideas and thought we already like and taste the fullness of differing ingredients together. 


chose to keep on living in a plate mentality. Take in only what we know what we prefer and what we see as safe. 

The first is nourishing. Full of new ideas and the consistent chance of being surprised by a new flavor.  

The second keeps your life in a steady place of consistency. Where there is likely no vibrancy and a lack of nourishment.  


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