mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

No moore

Yesterday I was listening to a radio program. One of the journalists was interviewing a woman in an Alabama Walmart. He asked her who she would vote for in the senate race the next day. 

“Roy Moore,” she said calmly. 

The journalist asked if Trump’s endorsement helped her make that decision.  

“Yes, it definitely did. We gotta keep working to get God back in the White House.”

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Roy Moore and the allegations surrounding him. He’s had multiple women come out on record saying he had relations with them under the age of 18.  

Trump, as you’ve also likely heard, has had over 15 women accuse him of some form of sexual misconduct.  

What God are these folks talking about then when they say something like “we gotta keep working to get God back in the White House?”

The main issue here seems to be that people have turned faith into something like a switch board at an electrical company. Hit certain switches on or off and you tap into the power that be.  

According to this logic if you are -

Against abortion? You’re with God.  

Against gay rights? You’re with God.  

See yourself as an almighty man? You’re with God. 

And think how much we’ve made those last three categories frameworks for Christian theology in America. This cultural phenomenon has completely shifted the reality of the faith it appeals to.

Because the spirituality presented in the Bible - the text the vast majority of these voters appeal to - is not a faith of the category at all. It’s a faith of the theme. It’s not about being for this issue and against this issue. It’s about love. Love love love.

A love for others regardless of religious ideology, sexual orientation, gender, or any other baggage we use to separate.

It’s a “way” categorized by ridding of personal ego. Dying to the self. And seeing the potential for  all things. Jesus would not be a single issue voter. Jesus would vote with the candidate who spoke up for the marginalized. The poor. The oppressed. He’s always speaking up about that. Never once does he say anything about abortion or gay marriage. 

Jesus is alive with the theme of selfless love. 

A movement aligned with Christ doesn’t need a switchboard. Because the power of it is felt through encountering the love permeating out from your being.

Being a single issue voter is a solid exscuse to deny the very way and essence of the God your morals naively believe they are pointing to. And a way to turn off that reality of love, and try and manufacture God through issues as opposed to a presence. A mystical reality. An insistence begging you to recognize the one-Love harmony of all things. 

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