mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

The natural way

While driving today I was listening to a podcast on how disconnected we humans have become from the earth. Especially the humans like myself living in an urban setting. Walking on pavement over dirt nearly all the time. You’ve probably heard such critiques before.

The podcast talked about the natural way of things - cycles of seasons, solstices, etc - being the things that ultimately are the metaphors all spiritual stories point to.

They are always looking back to the earth. The earth is where they and we start.  

This is impossible to argue against. Life springs up from the ground. It’s all from the ground up. That’s how trees begin, how formation happens. As I listened to this, it all rang true.  

As all this was muddling over in my mind, overhead a flock of birds flew in a v southward. The same thing they’ve been doing for hundreds of thousands of years. They get it. They understand the core basis of all metaphor. Following the flow of the seasons. Their mind is there. 

What are they seeing? How am I blind? What’s there in the obvious that has become cloaked with distraction? Because the unique thing about humans is that we can take the patterns of seasons and make them into metaphors yielding meaning. But sometimes I worry I’ve developed so much that I may be becoming blind to even things such as that. 

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