mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

live first, read second

In my experience of Christianity there has been a lot of emphasis on the mind and not of the senses. Our flesh has been seen as evil and a hinderance to a soul that longs to be joined back with God. There are a number of pieces to this that are, at best, head-scratch worthy. My emphasis on the word back in regard to the state of our soul and the Divine being one. 

It seems that to a lot of people within the scope of Christian thought, our body is the hinderance to the Divine. But didn't the Divine chose to come in the form of a body? 

Could it be that we've had it wrong the whole time? Maybe salvation is a very bodily thing. A rebirth of the senses. One that help get those five vehicles of knowledge in line with the Divinity all around.

Us Christian's have been very quick to reference a verse in order to make a point, but very slow to make a point based on what our touch, smell, taste, hearing, or sight point to. We enjoy relying on our mind more than our senses. 

But when us Christian's talk about how quickly we can be deceived when wandering from the path of scripture - the path of a book that needs to interact with the mind in order to result in some type of meaning - something seems to be off.

Here's why.

I am a borderline hypochondriac. I convince myself that I am sick or have something wrong with my body in some form or another every week. The vehicle causing such commotion within me is not what my senses are objectively telling me - it's how my mind interprets those things. My mind takes an objective sensory experience and turns it into the most negative possibility. The mind is the manipultor. Our senses are incredibly trust worthy. In this situation, they are doing nothing but encountering with some true nature of reality.

Combine sight and touch when petting a cat and I know I'm petting a cat. Be left in the dark while petting a cat and my mind could wander to some very different places and assumptions as to what it is my hand is touching. The mind assumes, the senses tell.

And that's why reading scripture before actually living your life, encountering the world, and going free into the light of all things is a rather deceptive task. Because you are manipulating yourself into assumptions before interaction. And thy are likely assumptions handed down to you, not the ones you might reach on your own.

There's no wrong interpretation when you encounter the world through the non-deception of your senses. 

I'm of the belief that a lot of Christian's need to cleanse themselves of the Bible in order to actually read the Bible. Because it's at the place of personal sensory interaction of the world that we begin to see the Bible as writing based on the same thing we've just done. Encountering the world, and discovering the Divine. 

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