mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

Constructive Cynicism

Everyone knows what constructive criticism is. We learned all about I t in high school English. It’s what helped us say somewhat harsh things to our peers without them being allowed to respond crassly. It’s what allows us to build off our shortcomings. Construct via critique.  

But what about constructive cynicism? 

There are people, I have one friend in particular, who are real good at pointing out absurdities that become common. And the way they do this is by being cynical towards them. Cynicism relays an air of doubt toward something, a sense of skepticism. It looks at a commonly adopted idea with a sense of distrust. 

We need constructive cynics. Because they are the people who help us regain sight from our blindness. They look at normal through the lens of seeing it as abnormal. And these paradigm shifts are often the exact thing we need to free us from the bounds of indoctrination and dogma.  

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