mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

The big mushroom within you

The largest living organism is big in a scale that takes into consideration all the massive dinosaurs that died off however many million years ago. It’s a mushroom. And it’s found in Oregon. It was discovered within the last 20 or so years, and out-sized a mushroom in Michigan that held the claim up until that point.

What is the size of the Oregonian shroom? Scientists say it covers at least 2,000 acres. Take a second and think about that. The blue whale - the largest animal to ever exist - can grow to 100 feet or so in length. Which is huge! That’s a touchdown throw from outside the red zone.

But an acre is 43,560 square feet. And this mushroom is 2,000 acres. Which is 87,120,000 square feet. Which, just for the sake of running with the football comparisons, is 28,968,060 more yards than any pro quarterback has thrown in their whole career.

Putting aside the comparing of distances to square distances...

Its a big mushroom.  

But when we think about the biggest living things, we think about things accessible. Like elephants and whales and dinosaurs. Even if some of those things died millions of years ago. We didn’t know these big fungi existed up until the last 20-25 years. We don’t often think to look below the surface.   

Which can be the same story we give to our psyche. We define ourselves by our circumstances a lot of the time. By our job we are frustrated by. By our social status. By the clothes we wear. Which leaves our identity and sense of purpose often in shambles.  

But what’s the thing just below your surface? The idea or identity or drive that gives you a sense of purpose? That sets your endorphins on fire? That makes you feel liberated and free and empowered?

There’s something there.

But because it’s beneath the surface, we don’t often like to show it. Or recognize it. But it’s those things that, although taking awhile to be made known, can completely shift the paradigm of definition. Let whatever that is drive you. Because all the things we can see? They pail in comparison to the things that reside just underneath.


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