mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

The bird

In a class I teach I’m reading Tuesday’s with Morrie, the classic book on mortality by Mitch Albom. The way a group of 10th graders interacts with the text is amazing. They get it. They’re into it. And they write beautiful poems about seeing the miraculous in the common. It’s surreal.  

Theres a line in the book where Morrie - Albom’s old professor - says that we all have to live with a bird on our shoulder that asks us,  

“Is today the day? Is today the day I die?” 

Because, as Morrie says, learning how to die leads to learning how to live.  

And this is true. Because if there’s something you want to do but your holding back out of fear, insecurity, or trepidation, listen to what the bird is saying. Today could be the day. So why not act on that passion you’ve hurried now?  

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