mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

Making Ideas Matter

I was having a conversation with someone the other day about the double meaning of "making something matter." Matter has a couple meanings.

One being objective matter. The tangible stuff. Every thing that has atoms within it. The chair you sit on. The person you hug. The iPhone you hold. 

And then there is matter in the theoretical sense. What gives something value. The desire to matter. To have worth.

Our conversation focused around the idea that in order ot make our ideas, vision, hopes, dreams, fears, etc matter, we need to make them into matter. In order to give value, you have to give flesh.

Love as a concept doesn't matter unless there is someone or something to love. Pain doesn't matter as a theory unless there is the reality of being pained. Black Lives Matter as a social movement doesn't matter unless you have encountered or recognized the reality and nature of injustice.

For matter to matter matter must manifest.

And here I am. Someone with ideas. But in order to make an idea matter it must become matter. And the most tangible way to consistently do that is through the written word. So this new daily blog is the quest to make my ideas matter. Both literally and figuratively. Subscribe below for weekly updates on posts. I'll send out a newsletter with some things that have inspired or challenged or impacted me. Songs, videos, other blog posts, etc. 

Also feel free to comment and interact. Lets turn our thoughts into matter together.  

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