mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

Moving Past Ego

I was thinking about the whole idea of death and resurrection the other day and lots came to mind. Namely ego. Ego being the thing we carry that says we are the best that they are wrong and that our firm grasp of independence wins.  

Jesus carried the cross to the death of his being to redirect something new and more profound. In the same way, is the human quest to carry your ego (define it) to the death of your ego (to overcome it) to lead to new life (a broader view of purpose and place)?  

We carry our ego to the death of our ego to be free of our ego and transcend ego altogether.  

Moving past an ego-centric framework propels to a wholistic framework. One that ultimately, when inline with the cosmic way of Christ, learns to lean into love day after day.  

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