mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

Anti-Matter and Marriage

Our universe is largely empty space. But the sustennzce that occupies it is reffered to as matter. Matter, as we define it, is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. To review some high school science -

protons are positive

electrons are negative

neutrons are neutral

And then there's something that was around at the beginning of the universe that has become rarer and rarer becasue when it reacts with matter it anihilates and is released as energy...

and that's anti-matter.

Anti-matter is made up of all the same stuff as matter, but flipped.

protons are negative 

electrons are positve

and neutrons are still neutral.

Theroetically speaking, a universe that is made up of anti-matter rather than matter would look 100% the same and yet...

It would be 100% different. 

I recently got married. People ask me how it is and I say beautiful and surreal and peaceful and new and life-giving and all the wonderful realities that it is.

But more than anything else, I finding it is a lot like anti-matter.

It's 100% the same, yet 100% different.

It is in the paradox that we find life. As it is the paradox that propels us. Difference isn't always different. It may be the same thing, just wearing a different set of clothes. 


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