mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

Transfusing Ideologies


I heard a story about a doctor who gave weekly blood transfusions to a Rabbi who had an illness. Week by week the Rabbi had her blood replaced by multiple donors. After several months, she was healed. Upon completion, the doctor, an atheist, told her that as often as he could, he replaced her blood with the blood of people of other religions. Hindus, Buddhist, Christians, etc. And, along with people of other faith practices, he said he had put in her the blood of atheists “like himself.” The doctor held the belief that spiritual truth is a battle of ideology. He was curious to see how the Rabbi would take the knowledge that her new life was a byproduct found through the life force of world views different than hers. Much to his surprise, she found the act comical and a bit beautiful. She replied in a way that spoke to both the literal and metaphorical natures of his act,

“I like what I have received”

So many of the walls we chose to build up between what is okay to receive as truth and what is not actually can stifle us from life itself. And often times, the life that we let reside within can be killing us unless it becomes opened up to outside sources. The world, with all its billions of perspectives, is not a place to build walls. But a place to explore and become in awe at by the overwhelming abundance of life pulsating from all things. 

Story by Aimee Bender and can be read here - 


A Bit like a horcrux

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