mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

the immaterial that occupies our space

The artist who sculpted the room above name is Federico Picci. He set out to highlight how something immaterial can influence a space. By immaterial think light, music, emotion, etc. The immaterial concept highlighted hear is sound, as is made obvious by the balloons rising from the piano.

Think about this. Immaterial things influencing environments. 

We all have an environment. A room. A dynamic.

It's called our life.

And it's not a foreign thought to see emotions as immaterial, and even less of a foreign thought to see emotions as influencers of our dynamics.

Picci sought to show what this idea looks like when well balanced. The piano plays just enough music to be a calming and therapeutic image of immaterial influencing space.

But that's rarely the case with the immaterial parts of our lives. We are either chock full of emotion or completely lacking it.

What's your room look like lately? Is there a balance of emotion? What's the state of the balloons (emotions) occupying your room (life)?

Do you need to deflate or pop some? Do you need to inflate or create some?

What are those? Why are those? Why do they need what they need?

And what would equilibrium look like?

we have tides