mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

A Bit like a horcrux

I never caught onto the Harry Potter craze. Which is a shame. Because they are amazing. I’m just realizing all this now.  

My wife loved the books and the movies. She was the first to read and watch each as they became available. So over the past few weeks when we have a free evening, we’ll sit down and watch a movie from the series. We’ve been going in order and just finished The Half Blood Prince last night.  

In The Half Blood Prince I learned about horcruxes. For well versed Harry Potter fans, this will seem a bit meager a definition, but as I understand it, horcruxes are items that contain a part of someone’s soul. Things like a diary or ring contain a part of the whole of a wizard and the only way you can achieve putting a part of you into one is through murdering someone. And the reason for creating such things is because you can never actually die until any horcrux containing a part of you is also destroyed.

Which got me thinking - although not done via murder, we all place our identity in things that carry on past our own lives.

It’s our work.

Our legacy.

What we chose to align with larger than ourselves.

And the idea of having that be a ring or a diary like it is in Harry Potter seems a rather weak option. Because there are themes we can give our souls to that will never die.

Like love or evil. Hope or despair.

Each one of these opposites are doors we chose to enter through via conscious choice. And who we are, when given to one of these overarching themes of the universe, will never die.

We will become like a drop of water in a river. Entering into the flow of something far beyond our simple existence. And in turn, we’ll step into the eternal. Which eternal life is your life in-line with?

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