g-o-dless october

October is my month. There are many reasons for this, perhaps the most literal of which is that it’s the month of my birth. 

But more than that, October is a time when I feel most alive. The metaphors that occupy every tree branch, every field, every taste of pumpkin donut, they just GET ME.

Metaphor seems to be flowing in and out of me during this month of the year. And I happen to believe God, whatever he / she / it happens to be, is only encountered via the language of metaphor. 

So I’m challenging myself. 

I want to spend time exploring what’s going on around me. To see the miraculous occupying the common. To make metaphor and meaning from the the observations I make during this month I love. 

God tends to be a lot bigger when he exists outside his name (or the gender we’ve assigned to “him” too I should add). We are no different. Bundles of flesh with title attributed. But you are so much bigger than the 3-12 letter name you possess. That name is title attributed to the grab bag of all you are. So, I guess in that sense, this is my attempt to fill the grab bag of god with metaphor. Follow along if you like here - godless october.