mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches


The name for human is derived from the word hummus which means of the earth. Which follows the same idea of creation stories spanning from Paraguay to the Middle East. The Judeo-Christian tradition calls humans adama (we say Adam) which translates to dirt person. The indigenous people of Paraguay have a language called guaraní. Their word for person is yvyipora. Yvy meaning dirt. Ipora meaning spirit.

Humanity understands that our origin is from the dirt. We are gardens. Each one of us. Who with time, patience, and care have the ability to become abundantly lush with life. Not through the constant drive of do do do. But in a way mirroring the consistent stillness of the earth. A way of being. And a way of letting time begin to reveal all that we need, spanning from the days of rain to the ones of sun.

And through this process of being, life bursts forth fuller or more wonderfully than we could've ever possibly imagined otherwise. 

It's one thing to live in this world, but it becomes a whole different experience when we choose to exist.

the me versus the all

the me versus the all

existence is enough