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Whale songs and unconscious ideology

Whether through Finding Nemo, National Geographic, or some scuba diving experience of which I’m undoubtedly jealous - you’ve probably heard whale songs. 

What you probably didn’t know though, is that you were much more likely to prefer the whale songs of the 1960’s than the 1970’s. A study showed that humans, when presented with whale songs from these two decades, strongly preferred the songs of the 60’s. 

Ironically, just after the turn of the decade in 1972, the UN put a moratorium on whaling. It of course took a few years after the dominant music of the whales for the government to move toward action. This is the same way things work up here on land.

Maybe the whales below were singing about peace and harmony just like Dylan and the rest of the counterculture folk up here on land were doing. Whatever their noises were focused on, we preferred what they had to say during the 60’s.

Which goes to show that we all have preferences that we never could’ve imagined having. There are things that we are naturally inclined to think or feel or prefer that we aren’t fully conscious of.  

Sometimes these things are funny like the overwhelming preference of 60’s whale songs to 70’s, but sometimes they are bias’ that get in the way of human potential.  

In my experience, a lot of my unconscious preference comes from a place of confirmation bias. And this largely comes from my ideologies.  The ideologies I hold can often force me into a narrow minded and shallow view of reality. Which forces me to ask myself questions.

What are my ideologies? What are the ways in which those ideologies are seen outside the context of being within the ideology - both positive and negative? Do I fall into the faults? Do I live into to the life they give? 

We all have preference. And that’s okay. But in my experience when I hold preference without remembering why, sometimes I end up becoming callous to different ways of thought.  

And that can create scars and wars and dead whales.  

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the me versus the all

the me versus the all