mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

A few prayers

God of haunted houses and ghosts, let us feel your presence in the dark spaces. As we seek out the light your garner within them.

God of the hope in small places, let us remember that when we always expect and anticipate the sunshine and light of day, we miss out on the infinity of light from the stars.

God of wholistic water rather than individual pond, give us the image of your way in all places. One river here, a pond here, and lake over here. Let us not focus on one stream, but see your living water as a whole.

God of love for creation, let our theology never lose sight of the reflection housed in the eyes of Jesus -- this world.

God of the breath within our lungs, of moments microscopic and infinite, let our minds come back to a place of now. here. and this. Rather than then. There. And that.

God of mysticism rather than dogma, may we always make room to substitute the either or for the both and. The black and white for the grey. The us versus them for the all.

God of love for neighbor over love for tribe, let us always place the human beside us ahead of the ideology within us.

God of progress as opposed to regression, let us be at the cusp of your evolution, having the eyes of you, ones of greater inclusion, possibility, and love.

God of insisting love, may we be your existing flesh.

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