mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

elder ocean

I went to the oregon coast last weekend. While I was standing on one of the many cliffs that tower over the pacific along it, I looked up out of curiosity how old the ocean is. 

Get this... 4 billion years old. 

Which is about 50 million human lifetimes.

Or, put another way, if you were to stand on the shore of the ocean for the entirety of your life and watched it, you would have witnessed a mere 0.0000002 percent of its existence. 

Your entire existence being only 0.0000002 percent of something else's existence... that's humbling. 

And we get to interact with this 4 billion year old thing. We swim in it and boat on it and dive beneath it. Think about that! When you swim in the ocean, you are being embraced by something 4 billion years old. 

Which begs the question... what in an existence that averages a mere 79 years (the average human life expectancy) is worth fretting over? Is worth spending an 20 extra hours at the office for rather than 20 more hour with your family? Is worth being an mad at other people about?

The world we occupy likely laughs at our self-prescribed seriousness. 

Meanwhile the waves break. Over and over again as they always have. Inviting us to their shores for a chance to recenter and realign with the rhythm of life. 

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