mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches

Be like Auston Matthews

It’s playoff hockey season. Which, if you know me, you know is the time of year where I dance around the television yelling at the Washington Capitals. I’m Capitals obsessed. It’s borderline unhealthy.  

With that obsession comes listening / reading / watching any news I can about them. And today, while listening to NHL Network radio, I heard a blip about the Caps, and then the guy transitioned to the birthplace of a new Hockey creativity found in a player on the Toronto maple leafs.  

He talked about Auston Matthews, who grew up in Arizona without coaches that could coach to his talent. So it gave him the ability to learn and create himself. Without the bounds of what one is “supposed” to learn in their development as a hockey player. Which is, according to this Hockey analyst, what has allowed Matthews to be a premier player in the realm of creativity.  

Which made me think about this idea. About learning to do something without the bonds of learning how  to do something. Being interested in something but without the baggage of all the dogma that’s accumulated over the years of other people doing that same something. 

Too often I feel that an interest or way of thought I’d given a prescription. But think about how much more creative and fruitful a world where people who had interests could pursue those interests untethered. What would we learn? Whatever it is being pursued would certainly have to evolve. Just as Hockey is doing with the likes of Auston Matthews. 

Theology, painting, hockey, all of these things need people who are intrigued but are not bound to the way it’s supposed be done. Because it’s precisley those people who allow for evolution, growth, and a whole new paradigm to be birthed. 


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