mike lives in spokane washington and is a pastor at a spirit community called branches


The term verse is derived from the Latin word versus which means, “in the direction of.” Then the English and the French took this words and shaped it to mean, “a line of poetry or song.” Which essentially means the same thing. Because a single line, when seen in context,  ultimately points to the larger trajectory of a prose or song. 

And then there’s this term uni  which comes from the latin word unus which means, as you might have guessed, one . 

Which, when you put the two of these together you get the term uni-verse which is what we use to describe the very farthest scope we can fathom when it comes to existence.

Given what the roots of the word universe mean, we here on earth are somewhere in a far reaching trillion upon trillion light year wide reality that is a part of a single trajectory. A single direction. A single pursuit. 

But what is that pursuit? What is the one direction in which all of this is headed? 

Love hope freedom joy potential? 

Hurt pain shame anguish inability?  

We thought slavery was okay. Now we (mostly) don’t. We thought the demeaning of women was okay. Now we (mostly) don’t. We thought segregation based on ethnicity was okay. Now we (mostly) don’t. 

That one direction seems to be one of more acceptance. More unity. More affirmation.

And it also seems to leave the ones not willing to evolve, physically or in this new evolution of consciousness, behind. Buried somewhere in the fossil records of memory and shameful bigotry.  


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