Shooting Pucks

I’ve been frustrated lately. Because it seems like there is a swirling of ideas that like to exist slightly above the realm where thought becomes expression. As a kid, I would play hockey in the backyard unendingly. There’s this spot in a hockey net. The golden spot. It’s where the crossbar meets the post. If you can hit that little sliver of metal, you’re almost guaranteed a goal. Goalies can’t react in time. I would spend hours in my backyard shooting for this sliver. I’d go above it and the puck would dent the garage door. I’d go beneath it and the puck would go in the net, but at a point any goalie could grab with their glove. Over and over, hour after hour, I’d shoot at this spot. And then it began to click. Ting* Ting* Ting* over and over again the puck would hit that sweet spot. Leaving vulcanized rubber stains on the metal of the post. Of course there were still times the puck went over the net and times the puck would fall below the desired spot. This is the case for even the best of pros. But there was suddenly a greater predictability to where the puck was going. Predictability came from habit. And habit and predictability birthed consistency. 

Preaching is a bit like shooting those pucks. Hoping that they’ll land in the same spot, the spot that rings the truth you are hoping to communicate. But the difference is when it comes to preaching you can only shoot pucks about once a week, maybe. And you’re shooting them in-front of a bunch of other people accustomed to someone who got pretty good at hitting the sweet spot - where cross bar met post, where truth met charisma. 

But you have to keep shooting, I suppose. There’s no other option except throwing the stick down and turning away. But even if you do this, the net will still be there. As will the puck. As will the stick. The you, the message you possess, the people they are aimed to. None of that goes away if you turn away. It sticks around. 

So I suppose the only option, which, quite frankly, is the life giving one, is to simply keep shooting. Put a few dents in the garage door by going over, have a few week misses below the target. It’s fine. It’s the process. You’re learning.