Give yourself the shivers

Part of my job is attempting to speak to something of meaning and transformation nearly every week. Which... Crazy. Yes.

It’s become very clear quite quickly that the only way you can speak to meaning and transformation is through actually encountering meaning and transformation yourself. There needs to be reality and testimony tied to such things. You can only fake it for so long when you’re talking about being transformed. When it’s faked, eventually people will catch on that the supposed transformation being talked about is actually simple theory guised behind fancy facts and quotes.

I was listening to a podcast with Jack Johnson. He shared the lyrics of a buddy of his named John Craigie. Here’s what Craigie said,

 You gotta give yourself the shivers before you can give ‘em to someone else.

I mean... come on. How good is THAT?! 

But the most difficult part about speaking on transformation and meaning is the guilt that comes from personally seaking out moments that embody transformative and meaningful reality for yourself.

Why aren’t you doing x, y and z? 

What do you even do? 

Why aren’t you sitting in front of the computer more? 

But to be honest in your work means not choosing to abide by the assumptions everyone else lives by. Because you’re trying to transform that context. Give it new meaning. And in order to do that you need to seek out the beautiful, the message beneath the surface, the miraculous in the common. Or, in the wise words of John Craigie via the mouth of Jack Johnson,

You gotta give yourself the shivers before you can give ‘em to someone else