Hello! Chances are if you're landing on this page it is because me (mike) or teagan or buck or someone else pointed you here. Thanks for actually giving into our pestering! We are starting a project based around people's personal testimonies / truth / stories. 

On this page there is a form. In the big blank space allotted, simply write a response to the prompt "speak truth to me." We want to know what is true to you. Try and keep it around 500 words.

This can be a religious conviction with a story of how you got to it.

Maybe it is a scientific theory that breathes life into you.

Maybe a political ideology.

Look at your life and write down the motivations behind how you see the world and what motivated you to see it that way and why that brings life to you.

We really appreciate your time in doing this and are super excited to be in partnership with you in this project we are putting together. 

name *
we may want to share this. we'll reach out before we do, but would this be okay with you?