Hello! Thanks for checking out my site! I'm a 24 year old  from Royal Oak, Michigan. I recently graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane where I studied Communications, Philosophy, and Theology.

Some of the topics I've written about over the years are the Orlando Pulse Night Club Shooting, the Starbucks Red Cup Uproar, and many different thoughts on spirituality. I also just wrote a book that you can find below.

Outside of writing, I am the pastor of a church called Branches that consider ourselves “a group of aspiring mystics, like Jesus" in Spokane, Washington. 

Spiritually speeking, I believe God, the Divine, Presence, whatever it is you want to call it; is ahead of us and urging us to a place of greater inclusivity.

I believe humanity should always be of greater importance than ideology.

And I believe that amidst every moment, big and small, there’s an infinity of stories waiting to be discovered.

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