Brian Doyle described himself as a story catcher. Ever since I read those words I’ve liked to think that that’s my pursuit as well. Seeing the world. Being attentive to the world. And trying to scrape away and uncover the stories that are there and here and all around us.

No moment is without something sacred peeking around the corner. And that’s the chase and the place I want my mind focused on.

I also believe humanity should always be of greater importance than ideology. Because we get to learn about people’s stories when we listen to the people, but we end up assuming their stories when we focus on ideology. And you know what they say about assuming… don’t.

I’m in my twenties. I like writing. I enjoy making up random words that aren’t real with my wife, Emily. I don’t “own” but more hang out with a crazy-hyper Australian Shepherd named Oliver in honor of the Mary with that as her last name. I’m a pastor at a “spirit community” called Branches.

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