Hello! Thanks for checking out my site! I'm a 24 year old  from Royal Oak, Michigan. I recently graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane where I studied Communications, Philosophy, and Theology.

I like writing. Writing is a way to help me get out a lot of what I think and feel and believe. Some of the topics I've written about over the years are the Orlando Pulse Night Club Shooting, the Starbucks Red Cup Uproar, and many different thoughts on spirituality. I also just wrote a book that you can find below.

And that whole spirituality area is probably my biggest focus. I wrote a book recently on that topic. It's called Freeing the Firefly and is a bit of my journey with faith and spirituality. You can find that here

I believe God is ahead of us and pulling us along. Helping us evolve to greater love, unity, and inclusion. God to me is like a field full of fireflies. Light existing freely and fluidly. The unfortunate thing is that something so free and fluid is often grabbed and caught in the mason jars known as ideology. And ideologies can often take on an us versus them mentality. That's essentially what religion is. A piece of the bigger light, captured. And that small fragment of light ends up being what people limit themselves to seeing when it comes to the spiritual. 

I'm not a big fan of that.

Because whenever I would catch a firefly in a mason jar as a kid, the light would go out. Because the firefly would die. And then there'd be no light left to witness. I prefer letting the light exist and encountering it where I may.

Outside of writing, I am the pastor of a church called Branches that consider ourselves “a group of aspiring mystics, like Jesus" in Spokane, Washington. 

As I hope is clear, I love new ideas and art and hope and people and writing and just simply being creative!

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